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Hello guys, welcome to my blog , Today’s episode on Dee’s blog ,I would like to share my top 10  makeup looks created by different makeup artists for this week.

10. @Hanahfacialsmakeover
This is a very neat facebeat, and I looove the skin work, the blending of the shadow and the nude lip colours combined.This look is the bomb🔥. And the fact that it is on one of my favorite Nigerian actress “Ini-Edo” is enough for me to love it.

9. @Deglitsmakeova

Looking at this picture give me goosebumps....the brows are perfect,the lash and the eyeliner are well placed,this ombré lips, the highlight and the well blended powder❤️, while the hair and the crown just finishes it all. I would choose the look all day any day.

8. @Tintsmakeuppro

What I love about this makeup first is the blending of the eyeshadows, which is something @tintsmakeuppro is very good at😍💪🏽.Then let’s talk abou the highlight and the powder blend, and down to those nude glossy lips❤️.

7. @Anitabrows

Just like her name implies th…
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Hello guys Today’s episode on Dees blog, we’re looking at the sudden transformation from glossy lips to glossy lids, I feel we all are familiar with the glossy lips which was a huge trend within the last few years before the Matt lips came through..but this is different and new, itis the glossy lids or glossy eyeshadow which is fun and interesting .
You just have to throw in little lip gloss on your eyelids and wow you are already rocking the glossy lid, because the new makeup trend is wet, wild, glossy and so simple to achieve😉. Anybody can easily recreate this look using an eyeshadow, and then applying a clear balm or gloss on top for the glossy finishing effect. Do not be boring with your makeup, mix colours, add textures and maybe even some gloss. The glossy eye with a matte lip gives serious goosebumps,now let’s think of the rest of the face one can use a natural complexion foundation,cream blusher and just slick of mascara .
My three favorite ways to wear the look are: 1. A clea…


Hello guys, Today's episode on Dee's blog, i would like to talk about the different aspects of make-up we have, as i have noticed that when the word 'MAKE-UP" is said most people think about beautification only, Make-up for beautification is a Layman's point of view because Make-up is very broad, it diversifies and as funny as it may sound it is very important in different other aspects/ occupations. I would list out some of the types of make-up and give brief explanation on them.

1. NUDE MAKE-UP; This type of make-up is very common and is also one of my favorite kind of make-up, it is also known as the normal 'Day-to-Day" make-up. this make-up is very simple to achieve, it looks just like ones natural face as the name implies, it is used to bring out ones natural beauty and it requires lesser products than most other type of make-up.This make-up doesn't require any use of bold colors as it is meant to look as natural as possible.


10 most important beauty products for make-up beginners on budget

Today's episodeon  Dee's blog, Make-up beginners whether professionals or personal make-up artists this is a scale of  preference on what beauty products to buy to start up according to their importance;

1. FACE WIPES: This is a very important beauty product that should be in the make-up bag of every make-up lover, because it is used to remove dirt from the face before the make-up and it is used to wipe off make-up before application of cleanser and moisturizer. Are you even really ready to start Make-up without a face-wipe?.

2. EYE-PENCIL : Well the eye-pencil is also important in the aspect of your actual face make-up, it is used to outline the eyebrows, makes them look thicker and fuller, although most "eyebrow fillers" are better than eye-pencils but when your on a budget its advisable to get an eye-pencil which are usually very cheaper. 

3. FOUNDATION; Foundations are essential in a beginners make-up bag, it makes the face looks smoother and makes ones complexion …