10 most important beauty products for make-up beginners on budget

Today's episodeon  Dee's blog, Make-up beginners whether professionals or personal make-up artists this is a scale of  preference on what beauty products to buy to start up according to their importance;

1. FACE WIPES: This is a very important beauty product that should be in the make-up bag of every make-up lover, because it is used to remove dirt from the face before the make-up and it is used to wipe off make-up before application of cleanser and moisturizer. Are you even really ready to start Make-up without a face-wipe?.

2. EYE-PENCIL : Well the eye-pencil is also important in the aspect of your actual face make-up, it is used to outline the eyebrows, makes them look thicker and fuller, although most "eyebrow fillers" are better than eye-pencils but when your on a budget its advisable to get an eye-pencil which are usually very cheaper. 

3. FOUNDATION; Foundations are essential in a beginners make-up bag, it makes the face looks smoother and makes ones complexion …
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